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Unattended electronic truck scale

Long service life

Unique U-shaped steel bridge beam structure

High strength, good steel, uniform force, strong torsional load and lateral force


Reasonable structure and advanced concept:


Mainly video monitoring, supplemented by dynamic environmental monitoring, advanced video compression technology, perfect combination of environmental data and video monitoring, the third generation network technology, C / s and B / s two monitoring modes are optional;

Comprehensive platform with powerful functions:

It integrates video monitoring, power environment monitoring, comprehensive alarm processing and access control attendance management, and supports SMS sending alarm;

High integration

A set of software platform can control all the equipment in the management system and reduce the maintenance cost of users;

Good scalability

The system adopts modular design and flexible configuration, which can not only make one-time investment in place, but also make continuous investment and smooth transition;

Open protocol for compatibility:

The system adopts international agreement standard, so long as the equipment complying with the standard agreement can be included in the system

Safety production, efficiency and capital reduction:

Safety prevention is the main task, supporting the safety production of industrial users, centralized management of the center, real-time monitoring of all front-end equipment, staff reduction and efficiency increase