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Forklift truck scale

Forklift truck electronic scale is a kind of vehicle weighing equipment, which is integrated with the mechanical control part of the vehicle to weigh when the vehicle traveling. Through a proximity switch to monitor the determined weighing position, the hydraulic pressure is converted into the weight of the load in the bucket to weigh. It has two different working modes: target mode and accumulation mode. According to the operator's selection, the load can be automatically accumulated, or the sum can be deducted from the target set value.


The unit of measurement used for the forklift electronic scale shall be gram (g), kilogram (kg) ton (T). According to the statement of the manufacturer, the accuracy level of the forklift electronic scale shall meet the requirements of Y (b) scale. The nameplate, face plate or head and other obvious parts of the forklift electronic scale shall be marked with the mark of measurement method and the mark of measurement instrument, and its mark, number and description must be clear, recognizable, firm and reliable. The forklift electronic scale does not allow users to adjust by themselves.。


The specification of electronic scale of hydraulic truck is generally divided into: 1t / 0.5kg, 2T / 1kg, 2.5t/1kg, 3T

There are two types of forklift electronic scale: wide fork and narrow fork

Narrow fork: 1180 (L) × 560mm (W)


Wide fork: 1180 (L) × 700mm (W)


Width of single fork arm: 160 mm


Maximum height: 180 mm, minimum height: 80 mm


Functions and features:

● surface spray drying

● rechargeable battery powered

● special sensor, special weighing instrument

● lift the scale platform by hydraulic drive, and manually push the vehicle operation

● weighing platform consists of hydraulic manual handling mechanism and weighing elements

It is especially suitable for goods in railway, highway, commerce, industry and mining and other logistics operations