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Choose Truck Scales, in addition to the price you should be more concerned about these

author: Release time:2019-11-28

Weighbridge as a large measurement of the main weighing equipment, its application in factories, mining areas, docks, ports more and more widely, but when we need to use truck scales, in the face of the market so many weighbridge manufacturers, but do not know how to choose?

1.Choose a qualified Weighbridge manufacturer. 

As a result of weighbridge belongs to a kind of measuring appliance, the country measurement statute, weighbridge response manufacturers need to have \" measurement permit \" ability production. SIMEI has the credentials of international qualified, quality monitoring bureau and other prestigious institutions.


2.Choose a guaranteed weighbridge manufacturers.

Due to the weighbridge is fine equipment, you need fine a manufacture that can guaranteed your weighbridge for quality. 


3.Do not believe that more than 30 tons of weighbridge without the foundation of weighbridge.

Some manufacturers selling staff to achieve business, ponder to advance cut point idea, not as a term, for example: "30 tons of  weighbridge root, need to just put a few pieces of iron plate on the floor to go", is also is not as as unprofessional, 30 tons of scale load if not done without cause, presents the foundation settlement in the future, will be serious influence weighbridge weighing precision and the quality of the product itself. Unless the road itself has been paved with steel, if through the verification can bear weighbridge full tonnage, it can be properly considered.


4.Don't trust low price scales.

Because the vast majority of the cost of weighbridge in steel, electronic equipment part of the cost of each manufacturer is the same. If a manufacturer is much lower than several, then be careful.


Buy weighbridge,truck scales or scales, such a big thing, the first is the quality, the second is cooperate with manufacture, must buy brand weighbridge, a relieved product is our constant pursuit!